At ZAIA Building, our company has a team of professional concrete contractors who will assist in Sydney.

Sydney's Best

ZAIA BUILDING is one of the leading industrial/commercial and residential concreting companies in Sydney, NSW. We handle projects that are both small and large, for commercial and residential establishments in the Sydney region.

This field is highly-specialised since any kind of a concrete project is the foundation of all other elements and features that are relied on in the design and construction of any industrial, commercial, or residential structure.

Residential & Commercial

Our company offers distinguished commercial and residential concrete services that meet all requirements of our customers. When doing residential projects, we ensure to keep in touch with the contractors, architects, and homeowners to understand and meet all their different requirements. All residential projects require more that durability and strength. They also have to look good. We use your personal requirements to pour or pre-cast concreted to get a neat finished surface.

Concreting projects for commercial settings like large buildings and factories demand more strength and durability than residential structures. Heavy load is shifted across different areas in a commercial space. Hence, the floor has to be capable of withstanding wear and tear. Our advanced equipment and techniques make us ideal for reliable and efficient concreting services for any commercial setting and we can handle all sizes of commercial projects.

Concreting Specialists

With over 20 years of experience in the concrete industry, we offer outstanding services to all commercial and residential clients. Depending on your specific requirements, we use poured or pre-cast concrete for the outdoor spaces on all residential properties.

Our project managers and designers make sure that you get custom solutions. We also complete projects to your full satisfaction. Personalisation and attention to detail are other aspects that we focus on to ensure that the complete project matches with your vision and ideas for your property.

A crucial part of any contemporary construction project should involve good concreting. Concrete is usually easy to shape and finish in its liquid form. It has a lot of strength and is durable after solidifying.

It is therefore a reliable and vital material when constructing buildings. Concrete is now one of the most popular materials used in residential and commercial structures as it makes strong and durable structures.

Any time you require concrete ceiling or flooring for your commercial or residential building, it is always best to hire a professional concrete company. You can always contact us for any concrete projects in Sydney.

We are a leading company in Sydney offering customised concreting solutions for any residential or commercial project. We have experienced and highly skilled workers to complete any task on time and they follow all safety measures and building standards precisely.

Concrete Slabs

May be you are searching for high-quality concrete slabs in the Sydney area for your residential landscaping work. Perhaps you just want us to assist in the initial leveling and site benching tasks or installation of the concrete slabs. Or maybe all you require is a bulk order of concrete slabs for a huge industrial project but you are not comfortable to do the work on your own. Whichever concrete slab needs you may have, we are the right company to serve you.

Ground Preparation

We are not just a concrete merchant. Our company also offers other quality constructions services. We also offer complement products. If you have industrial, commercial, or residential projects that require the ground to be levelled before installing the slabs, our professional team will be glad to serve you. Since we can handle both levelling and installation, we can offer you a package for both tasks at a great rate.

Installation of Slabs

Our company has a team that is experienced in a wide variety of concrete slabs. Be it conventional or infill slabs or waffle pods, we have the expertise and knowledge to get the work done in an effective and timely manner. Apart from offering conventional slabs for the floor, we also install suspended slabs for the first floor of a structure.

Why Choose us?

We take all of our concreting services very seriously. Putting quality first, we have a long list of satisfied customers that respect our ethos of always providing the best possible results for realistic prices and achievable delivery time-lines.

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