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At Zaia Building, we have professional shopfitters and project managers who are always ready to help you in all the steps involved in a shopfitting process. Our goal is producing modern and state-of-the-art retail fit outs and shop fronts that will attract potential customers to stop by and do some shopping in your business premise.

Excellent Retail Shop-fitting Services

ZAIA BUILDING offers full retail shop-fitting services across the entire Sydney area. We appreciate and value our customers since they are the key behind the success of a business and we have seen how a professionally designed fit out on a retail store can assist in increasing the customer base of your business. Hence, rest assured that we can offer you a new fit out that will meet your expectations.

We are aware that the front of a shop play a key role with respect to the success of retail businesses. Hence, we pay close attention to all the details of a shop front and we provide a wide range of finishes that ensure each shop front we fit out is attractive yet unique.

The interior space of a retail store is also important as the front of the store. This makes us pay special attention to the interior aesthetics and ensure that we create a space that is user friendly to impress customers. This combination is like a double effect since it ensures customers will come back again and be retained and this will increase your sales.

The scope and size of a shopfitting project in a retail store is inconsequential. We always manage both small and big fit out projects. We offer a solution that stands out by being keen on all the requirements of the project.

Commercial Fit outs for Offices

If you are ready to invest in new office fit outs and furniture, our company will be of great help. We offer customized office fittings and fit outs that will assist in maximizing your office space and the potential of your business.

We understand the fact that the happiness and productivity of employees are some of the most crucial elements for success of any business. This is the reason why we consider staff morale, productivity and functionality above other factors in all our commercial fit out projects for offices.

Our professional team of joiners and shopfitters has all the necessary skills of creating any custom reception areas, partitions, workstations, and a full office fit out. We also have the expertise of creating fit outs that are designed to increase productivity by reducing noise. From the height of the workstations to the color of your walls, our shopfitters will come up with a solution that will ensure your business is placed in good stead.

More so, we pay attention to the air quality, thermal comfort, and natural lighting of an office or a commercial business.

Trust Us to Complete Your Entire Project from the Start to Finish

Considering the fact that we are a full-service shop-fitters, we take care of all aspects of a fit out. All the aspects of a fit out, design, plastering, tiles, plumbing, electrical work, signage, carpeting, and lighting are well managed by our company. We never involve third parties in fit out projects.

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